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Chief Coordinator (Admission) Desk

Nursing is a calling, a calling for service and humanity. If the first mother is considered as the first nurse in the word, all the caring and nurturing qualities of a mother should be there in a nurse. Nursing is nurturing caring and service to the individual family and the community.

Hard work is the best investment that a man can make “Nursing being a caring profession, required Knowledge attitude and practical skills to function in its higher level. Son in our institute we focus more on the attitude development of nursing students which motive them to acquire Knowledge and professional.

Our teachers are instructed to work with commitment. They should be able to evaluate the stronger and weaker side of students so that they can supports and strengthen the weaker side of and dedicated teaching facilities including sisters. We plan to implement and achieve the goal through Programmed such as panel discussion, symposium and workshop, demonstration Problem based learning and exhibitions. The Principal applied here’s learning by doing, Apart from the academic fulfillment the student gets involved with a lot curricular and co-curricular activity.

Ambika College of Nursing Chief Corrdinator

Sonu Sharma

Chief Coordinator (Admission)

Ambika College of Nursing