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Medical Facility

Facility available at College Camps & Hostel Camps.

Class Room

Well furnished with comfortable sitting arrangement, proper lighting and cooling system with regular Classes, making a perfect environment for studies.


Well arranged library with books, journals, magazine reference book’s case reports, Newspaper and all other comfortable arrangements needed for library.


Well – ventilated hostel in the college camps with each room attached bathroom and mess facilities. Homely environment will be provided.


For day-to-day practice in affiliated bus facilities is provided to our students. Transportation is also available for fieldwork and down to college.


Clinical experience will be provided in the 5 affiliated hospitals and one govt. Hospital, Clinical instructor also guiding the students in the field

Recreation Facilities

Institute is providing indoor/ outdoor games facilities, which helps in extra development of the student. Institute also organizes sports week every year, which gives an opportunity for the students to take part in different activates.

Computer Facilities

For providing latest knowledge in nursing sciences institute has got computer facilities with internet.

A.V. Aid Room

Well equipped AD aid room with overhead projector , T.V., VCR, radio, Computer , model Poster, Chart and specimens. Special Education Tour and Picnic Extracurricular activates are arranged.